Volunteer Responsibilities

Setting final teams before tournament, payouts, and number of winners.
Checking that online sign ups daily are going well coming up to tournament.
Have scorecards filled out before tournament with starting hole assignments.
Print rules sheet.
Give Sharon list of winners and Payouts to get ready, (three days before tournament.)
Make sure front has sheets needed to collect money for tournament.

Is there enough carts for Guests?
Set out closest to pin markers.
Mark course if needed.
Announcing before tournament and winners after.
Plan entire Tournament and stay until finished.

Work registration table before tournament.
50/50 pot.
Set up TV with Laptop showing Teams.
Find a helper to help you enter scores and determine winners.
Enter all Players in TeeTimesLive Scorecard before Tournament.
Collect all scorecards.
Enter all scores in TeeTimesLive.com and give winners to announcer.
Collect pins after tournament.

List Winners on teetimeslive.com WINNERS tab.