Rules for Couples Golf

Rules of Golf are in Effect.

All whiffs count one stroke.
Do not ground club in hazard.

2- Out of bounds left

3 -Ball in ditch right of the bridge, Play as is, no penalty. Layout = 1 stroke penalty

4- Out of bounds left. Par 3 cart path only

5- Out of bounds left. If in lake take drop on this side of lake and add stroke

6- Par 3 cart path only

8- Ladies play from tees bottom of hill

9- Par 3 cart path only

10- Par 3 cart path only

11- Out of bounds right

12- Out of bounds right

13- Par 3 cart path only. Out of bounds right

14- Out of bounds right

15- Out of bounds right

16- Par 3 cart path only

Sand traps are in play if they have been worked (rake and place if needed)
Ball must be putted out if outside the tape on the flag stick. If inside tape on flagstick, add 1 stroke and pick up.
Must play with at lease 1 other couple.
Non-members must pay green fees.
No more than 3 couples on tee box at a time

TEES: Men 65 & older – Play from White Tees
Men 64 & younger – Play from Blue Tees
All Women play from Red Tees except for
holes #3 and #17 play from White Tees &
holes #8 will be played at bottom of hill in fairway

Pay outs/flights will be based on amount of teams.
Pay outs -1st, 3rd, and 5th first week.
2nd, 4th, and 6th second week, then repeat

ALL Ties will be Decided by Western Playoff; from 18 back to 17 back to 16 etc.
Or 9 to 8 to 7 etc.

No more than double par on any hole.