Men’s League Rules

You may fill any number of players up to 4: any remaining spots are Open to anyone.
You may put TBD to hold rest of team: You will be responsible for all entries fees of TBD.

When sign up, start filling up listed 9 designated on sign up.

If you start on front 9, stay on front, Same for back 9 stay on back.
Please pay attention to what 3 holes are left open for the Women to sign up.
Cut off time to sign up is 10 AM the day of League.
Changes can and will happen to fill in teams.

Please double check at 4:30 PM, before the start of league that your team did not change.

The Game for the night will be posted on bottom of sign up page. 

Go to straight to your assigned hole.  DO NOT stop at clubhouse
$10.00 Entry Fee.

The Captain will be selected by the team by using any method (Age, Beauty, short straw…)
Captain of each team is responsible for turning in the entry fee, getting beverages and turning in scorecard for the entire team. The rest of team will go straight to the assigned starting hole and wait for the captain. We need to limit how many are in clubhouse.

Tee Rules:
Men 59 and under Blue Tees
Men 60 and over White Tees

Women Red Tees

Women always play a blind draw scramble.

Winners and pay outs will be listed at bottom of sign up page.
Pick up winnings at clubhouse the following Thursday.