Games Explained: Women’s Evening Golf League

– Individual Scores- 3 points available for hole.
1 Point goes to person with 1st ball on green.
1 Point goes to person with ball closest to pin once all balls on the green.
1 Point goes to person who makes putt first. Be sure to putt in order.

CHA CHA CHA – Team Score – 4 Person:
Best Score Hole 1, Best 2 Scores Hole 2, Best 3 Scores Hole 3
Best Score Hole 4, Best 2 Scores Hole 5, Best 3 Scores Hole 6
Best Score Hole 7, Best 2 scores Hole 8, Best 3 Scores Hole 9

Drive for Show – Individual Score – 4 Players:
All Players Tee off. Play your own ball and keep your score from the longest drive.

Chapman – Team Score – 2 person:
Each player tees off and hits teammate’s ball for second shot. Choose best second shot and play as alternate shot until the ball is in the hole.

Best Ball – Team Score – 2 person or 4 person:
Each player plays their own ball. Team score is the best score on each hole.

Shamble – Team Score – 4 Person:
All Players tee off. Team selects best shot from there. Each player plays her own ball for rest of the hole. The lowest score on each hole is the score the team uses.

Whiner’s Tournament – Individual Score – 2-4 Person:
Play your own ball for 9 holes. Throw out the three worst scores. Tally the remaining holes for your score.

Mutt & Jeff:
Play your own ball. Count scores on par threes and par fives only. Tally those holes for your score.