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July 17th & 18th, 2021
Registration 9:00 AM
Saturday – Shotgun Start 10:00 AM
(Dinner with spouse (or plus 1) included at 5PM)
Calcutta will be 6PM Saturday,
(Please read Calcutta Explained below)
Music- Joshua Orion starts at 7 under the Awning.
Sunday – Shotgun Start 10:00 AM

(Breakfast Buffet included 8:00 AM)

—Entry Fee: – $125.00 per Player
(Please try to pay cash if can, Will help with payouts.

Free round for Guest that sign up anytime the week before.
(Please call in tee time.)

—Format: 2 Man Teams   (Team is one Member & one Guest)

Flighted Tournament.
Flights will be posted at 5PM Dinner Saturday.
and on teetimeslive, Leaderboard. (tab top of flight column to place in order.)

– Same Teams play together with same starting holes, both days.

 Saturday: — Front 9:  Scramble  —  Back 9:  Chapman
 Sunday: — Front 9:  Best ball  — Back 9:  Scramble
(One mulligan each player each 9 both days)

Closest to Pin, all par 3’s (First Day only)

CALCUTTA EXPLAINED- Auction will take place Saturday at 6PM for your chance to bid on your team, or others, to have the lowest round on Sunday within that teams’ flight. All money will stay inside the desired flight. If you do not win purchase your team, you can buy 50% of your team from the original winner, before you tee off on Sunday. You can only purchase in your flight, your own team. You may bid on any teams not in your flight. Any team not purchased will be held by the house with any winnings going to the club.
Calcutta flights will all start with even score Sunday. Will be decided on 2nd day scores only.
Calcutta will be final after auction Saturday that starts at 6.
You will have up to 30 minutes before tee off Sunday to purchase 50% of your team from the winner. Winners will be posted on Calcutta board at Windridge.

Play from blue tee markers.
Senior Men (70 & older) play from white tee markers.

–Improve ball (one score card) everywhere except for Hazards
All putts must be putted in (no “Gimmies”)

–Rake and place in the sand traps.
–Rules of golf are in effect. —Ground under repair is no more than one club length, no closer to hole.
— Out of bounds are marked by white stakes. Over road on number 5 is not out of bounds.
— Local rules prevail that ball out of bounds can be played from the nearest point of out of bounds, no more than two club lengths into the fairway no closer to hole as far back as you want.  You must take a two stoke penalty.  All players must agree on entry point. (If you hit a provisional, after stating is a provisional, provisional is your new ball if first ball is not found within 3 minutes of reaching area ball was hit. The first ball must be ball played if found in bounds.
—Ditches are considered Hazards, (except left of bridge on hole 3 is considered ground under repair.) — Out of bounds are marked by white stakes. Over road on number 5 is not out of bounds. –All flower beds and landscaped areas are considered ground under repair. Flowerbeds are defined by railroad ties around planted vegetation, except right of 1 & 14 green. Note: All players in group must agree that the ball entered area. There will be drop zones for ball deemed in a flower bed. Drop ball within the drop zone. No penalty.
—10% rules is in effect. No player may improve score more than 10% on second day.
–Rain format: If case of rain on Sunday. Saturday’s round will be final. If rain on Saturday, Sunday’s round will be final.

PRIZES: (Prizes included in main entry fee.)

———–Games Explained————

Don’t forget that each player has one mulligan for each 9 played.  

Saturday (Front 9) (Sunday back 9)
SCRAMBLE – Both partners tee off at each hole. Select the preferred drive then both players will hit their second shot from that location. Do the same for each shot until the hole is completed.  
All balls must be putted in.

Saturday (Back 9)
Chapman – Both team members tee off and then each partner plays a second shot with the other’s ball. After the second shot are played, a preferred ball is selected. The selected ball is then played as an alternate shot format with the third shot being hit by the player whose ball was not selected.
All balls must be putted in.

Sunday (Front 9)
BEST BALL — Each player plays his own ball.  Turn in low score from that hole.  
All balls must be putted in.