About Men’s Gold Rush

August 22 & 23, 2020
Cost: $50.00 for member.  $75.00 for non-member.
A Free round is included for non-member if paid up front.

(Does count $10.00 cart fee if needed.)
—Format:  Thirty-six-hole individual “flighted” stroke play tournament.
— There will be an Open division under 65, a Senior division (age 60 – 69), and a Super Seniors division ( age 70 and over).
— Saturdays tee times are available on the signup sheet in the pro shop or online.
(Make your own team for Saturday or one will be assigned.)

Please double check tee time before Saturday’s round online in case of a conflict.
— Second day tee times will have seniors with seniors. Flights with flights as best can be sorted.
— Sundays tee times and flights will be assigned according to Saturdays scores, with the leaders teeing off last.
First tee time Sunday will be 8:30 AM. If need an earlier teetime or change a tee time for Sunday, please contact Bill Hodskins at 270-316-1830 before 5:30 PM Saturday.
–Tee Times will be posted on teetimeslive.com after 8PM Saturday evening.
Changes can and may happen before 8PM
—Play ball down everywhere unless told different because of conditions.

—No “Gimmies”, ball must be putted out.
—Rules of golf are in effect.

— Local rules prevail that ball out of bounds can be played from the nearest point of entry into out of bounds, no more than two club lengths into the fairway no closer to hole as far back as want. You must take a two-stroke penalty. All players must agree on entry point. (If you hit a provisional and find first ball, first ball must be played. —Ground under repair is no more than one club length, no closer to hole.
–Tee Markers
All “Open” division will play from Blue tees on Saturday.

The “Open” division First Flight (Championship Flight) & (Second Flight) will play from the Gold tees on Sunday.
“Senior Division” age 60 – 69 play from Blue tees Saturday & Sunday
“Super Senior Division” age 70 and over play from the White tees Saturday & Sunday.
Note: Please confirm your age division when signing in before Saturday’s round.
Special Note: Any Player can play in “Open” division, but must designate division before tee off Saturday. Players can only compete in one division.
— Out of bounds are marked by white stakes. Over road on number 5 is not out of bounds.
–All flower beds and landscaped areas are considered ground under repair. Note: All players in group must agree that the ball entered area. Lay ball out within one club length no closer to hole. No penalty.

–Rain format: If case of unplayable conditions on Sunday. Saturday’s round will be final. If unplayable conditions on Saturday, Sunday’s round will be final.
–Play offs: The winners in each division except championship flight will be decided by western play off rules starting 18 back. Ties in championship flight will be decided in sudden death playoff starting at hole one.
–Scores: All scores must be scored by a separate player
—Scorecards: need to be signed by the player and the other person who keeps your score.  Score must be correct or will assess a two-stroke penalty.

— Winners:
—10% rules is in effect. No player may improve score more than 10% on second day.
    10% Rule is not applied to championship flight.
Payouts will be paid on each flight. Number of winners and payouts will be determined by number of players. Places to be paid out will be posted before teeing off Saturday and posted on winner’s link on teetimeslive.com