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June 26 & 27, 2021Shotgun Start 9:30 AM — (Both Days)    
ENTRY FEE: – $50.00. Includes
mulligan package of 4 for weekend.

—Play with same teams the second day, and same starting hole.

— Women play 2 Person Scramble Both days.
— Men Play
— Saturday’s round: Front side – Chapman;   Back side – Four Ball (best score)

— Sunday’s round: Front side – Four Ball (best score);  Back side – Chapman
— Men (59 and under) play from Blue Tees
— Women play from Red Tees

— Seniors (60 & over) play from the White Tees
 — Tournament will be flighted after first day, with ties decided by western play-off.
— Mulligans: The mulligans package includes one mulligan per-side each day (four mulligans total per person)

—Play ball up everywhere.

— Rake & place in sand traps.
–No “Gimmies”, ball must be putted in.
— Local rules prevail that ball out of bounds can be played from the nearest point of entry into out of bounds, no more than two club lengths into the fairway no closer to hole as far back as want. You must take a two-stroke penalty. All players must agree on entry point. (If you hit a provisional and find first ball, first ball must be played.
–Ground under relief, is no longer than one club length, and no closer to hole.

—Ditches are considered Hazards, (except left of bridge on hole 3 is considered ground under repair.) — Out of bounds are marked by white stakes. Over road on number 5 is not out of bounds. –All flower beds and landscaped areas are considered ground under repair. Flowerbeds are defined by railroad ties around planted vegetation, except right of 1 & 14 green. Note: All players in group must agree that the ball entered area. There will be drop zones for ball deemed in a flower bed. Drop ball within the drop zone. No penalty.
  — Chapman Foursome – Both team members tee off and then each partner plays a second shot with the other’s ball. After the second shot are played, a preferred ball is selected. The selected ball is then played as an alternate shot format with the third shot being hit by the player whose ball was not selected.
— Four-Ball (best score) – Each partner plays his or her own ball. The best scores of the partners is the score for that hole.

Winners Pay Out:
— “Closest to the Pin & prizes included in main entry fee.
All Players # 4, 6, 9, 10, 13 and 16 (First Day only)

Number of winners in each flight will be determined by number of teams of both Men & Women.

Check teetimeslive.com  (Leaderboard) after 7 to see what flight you are in for second day.