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June 15th & 16th, 2019
Shotgun Start 1:30 PM — (Both Days)
ENTRY FEE: $35.00
Mulligan package of 4 for weekend $5.00 per person

— Saturday’s round: Front side – Chapman; Back side – Four Ball (best score)

— Sunday’s round: Front side – Four Ball (best score); Back side – Chapman
— Improve ball (one scorecard) everywhere except hazards.
— Men play from Blue Tees
— Women play from Red Tees

— Seniors play from the White Tees
— Flighting: Tournament will be post flighted, with ties decided by western play-off. Count back from hole 18 to determine winner.

— Putts within the “taped” area of the flag stick are considered “gimmes”. Pick up ball and add one stroke.
— Mulligans: The mulligans package includes one mulligan per-side each day (four mulligans total per person)

— “Closest to the pin” prizes (included in entry fee)
(Men) Saturday – holes # 6 and # 10; Sunday – holes # 6 and # 10
(Women) Saturday – holes # 4 and # 16; Sunday – holes # 4 and # 16

— “Skins Game” – There will be two skins in the tournament. The Men will get one and the Women will get one. (The first skins win) – starting at hole # 1 through # 18 in sequential order.) If no skins are won on Saturday, then the skins will be carried over to Sunday’s round.
— Chapman Foursome – Both team members tee off and then each partner plays a second shot with the other’s ball. After the second shot are played, a preferred ball is selected. The selected ball is then played as an alternate shot format with the third shot being hit by the player whose ball was not selected.

— Four-Ball (best score) – Each partner plays his or her own ball. The best scores of the partners is the score for that hole.

Winners Pay Out:
Men’s (Based on 16 Men’s teams)
First Flight – 1st, 2nd & 2nd to last.
Second Fright – 1st, 2nd, & 2nd to last.

closest to pin holes # 6 & #10 both days

Women,s (Based on 6 teams)
1st, 2nd, & 2nd to last

Closet to pin holes # 4 & #16 both days

Check Teetimeslive.com (Leaderboard) after 7 to see what flight you are in second day.
Play with same teams both days.