Terms and Conditions

By accepting this Agreement you:

  1. agree that GolfSwitch may charge a booking fee to your credit card per golfer for each tee time reservation that you make via this web site; and
  2. authorize GolfSwitch to transmit your name, address, E-mail address and credit card information to the golf course at which you make each such reservation; and
  3. acknowledge that the course's operators may use your credit card to guarantee the reservation.

The booking fee is non-refundable and will be charged to your credit card regardless whether you play or cancel the rounds that you reserve through this web site.

The golf course you selected requires advance notice before day of play for any cancellation, which you may furnish either by following the tee time cancellation procedure on this site or by contacting the course directly. If you do not cancel your reservation in accordance with the course cancellation policy, the course may charge your credit card the entire greens fee for all rounds reserved.

Although GolfSwitch is using its most reasonable effort to provide an Internet reservation system for customers desiring to reserve rounds at golf courses participating in its network, you understand that GolfSwitch is providing its reservation service "as is" without making any warranties of any kind, including any express warranties and the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, except as required by law.

GolfSwitch's maximum liability for any damages that you may suffer or that may result from your use of the reservation system will not exceed the aggregate booking fee paid for the reservation owing rise to the damages. In no event will GolfSwitch or any of its suppliers be liable for any consequential, incidental or any such damages or for lost profits of any kind, even if apprised of the possibility of any such damages.